Don't go the distance for other people, do it for yourself.

匿名 Neku is pretty anti-social, until he dies and makes some friends. He loves music and art, but mostly CAT art. Neku wears a purple turtle neck in order to contrast with his bright orange hair. He does this in order to attract attention but simple tell everyone "Fuck off." Neku likes to talk in mostly ellipses and this is actually very confusing. Neku Sakuraba everybody. Please give him a big hand as he walks onto the stage.

"Not bad. Dunno what’s up with the attracting attention part, though."

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匿名 Is it true you're untouchable?



Wanna find out?


-grabs ass with gusto-


fractis-alis Neku be a dear and wish your mun a happy birthday from us, heehee~

"… Happy belated birthday?"

匿名 Is it true you're untouchable?

Wanna find out?

cantusdominus [ charactershaming meme: ] i let a crazy white haired pretty boy shoot me in the face. ... twice. and for some bizarre reason, i still trust him with my life.

(Would you prefer I didn’t?)

skulls-in-static You’re it! Rules are: copy this message to 10 other beautiful blogs who you think deserve this message! keep the game going and make everyone feel beautiful (っ◕‿◕)っ

(Thanks! I’ll make sure to do this asap!)



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